Toyota Sunnyvale Service Staff

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  • Dan Kelly
    Service Manager

    Dan has been in the auto industry for 37 years working in many sectors, such as service manager and used car reconditioning manager.

    He enjoys lots of food, hunting, and fishing in my spare time. Spending time with family is very important to Dan and he enjoys helping customers so they have a great experience here at Toyota Sunnyvale.

  • James Austin
    Service and Parts Director

    James Austin is our Service and Parts Director at Toyota Sunnyvale, who has over 10 years of experience in automotive.  James enjoys helping people and lives by the mantra "Always treat others with respect."

  • Olivia Austin

  • Anthony Ladioray

  • Hector Cisneros
    Assistant Service Manager

    I love my two kids; 3years old and 8 months old. I also love camping, outdoors and hunting. I've been with Toyota for 12 years.

  • Millis Ishoo
    Assystant Service Manager

  • Jamie Martinez
    TXM Assistant Service Manager

    I'm a Sharks fan, mother of 3 and married.

  • Ivonne Nesme
    Service Advisor
    (408) 716-1851

    Ivonne is a Bay Area native who considers herself to be determined, funny and honest. She loves helping people and has been at it with Toyota Sunnyvale for the last 5 years in the Service Department.  

  • Travis Nunes
    Service Advisor

    He is going to have his first child on June 20th and will be named Easton.
    In his spare time he enjoys working on cars, motorcycles and boats. He is also learning how to speak Spanish.

  • Matt White
    Service Advisor

  • Christopher Penn
    Assistant Service Manager

    Christopher Penn  is our Assistant Service Manager at Toyota Sunnyvale, has been in the Bay Area for 25 years and has previous experience at Sears Auto Care and Wheel Works.

  • Raj Singh
    Shop Foreman

    Raj, a 25 year resident of the Bay Area, is married with 2 young sons. With 22 years in the Auto Business, 20 of those with hands-on Experience at Toyota Sunnyvale, Raj has learned each and every Toyota vehicle from the Inside-Out. As a result, Raj's High Standards in the Toyota Sunnyvale Service Department have proven a great benefit to each of Toyota Sunnyvale's many Customers.On a day-off, Raj enjoys family time and playing sports, especially with his 2 boys.

  • Paul Matsui
    Assistant Service Manager

    Paul Matsui is an Assistant Service Manager at Toyota Sunnyvale, was born and raised in Watsonville.

  • Louie Roybal
    Assistant Service Manager

    Louie Roybal is our Assistant Service Manager at Toyota Sunnyvale and has been in automotive for over 15 years. Louie enjoys cooking and spending time with friends and family, BBQ, and smoking meats. He is also fluent in Spanish. 

  • Sonny Lumabas
    Assistant Service Manager

    Sonny Lumabas is an Assistant Service Manager at Toyota Sunnyvale and was born and raised in the Philippines. Sonny enjoys spending time with his children, playing basketball and hanging out with his family.

  • Melanie Soriano
    Assistant Service Manager

    Melanie Soriano is an Assistant Service Manager at Toyota Sunnyvale, who has been in the Bay Area for 25 years and was born in Santa Clara and raised in the Philippines. Melanie's dream car is the Audi Q7 and she enjoys meeting new people and building relationships with her customers.

  • Simon Guzman
    Assistant Service Manager

    Simon, a father of boys aged two and five, has spent his entire life in the Bay Area. Prior to his time with Toyota Sunnyvale, Simon spent 8 years in the Automotive business, first as an Automotive Technician and then as a Service Advisor. His focus on always meeting his customers' needs has left many satisfied customers. When not working, Simon spends time helping in the community, as well as playing Hockey and Soccer.  

  • Maria Castillo
    Assistant Service Manager

    Maria, a mother of 2 boys who speaks Spanish and English, has been a Bay Area resident for more than 25 years. With 13 years in the Auto Business, she brings great product knowledge to her Toyota Sunnyvale Service Dept. Customers. That deep knowledge combined with Maria's personal commitment to "always be truthful with my Customers," has made her quite successful.During Free-time, Maria prefers family-time, motorcycle riding, and spending time with friends. 

  • Hector Cisneros
    Service Advisor

    Hector, a Spanish & English speaker, has lived his entire life in the Bay Area. Having spent the past almost 12 years working in the Service Department at Toyota Sunnyvale, Hector has learned Toyota product knowledge and Customer Service from the best!

    Committed as he is to "Go the extra mile for every Customer," Hector is understandably popular with his Toyota Sunnyvale Customers.When he gets a day-off, Hector's first choice is snow-boarding. 

    He loves his 3-year old and 8-month old kids. He also loves camping, the outdoors and hunting.

  • Bill Moody
    Assistant Service Manager

    Bill,a 22 year Bay Area Resident, is married with 5 children. Having worked 33 years in the Auto Service Department including years as a hands-on Technician, it is no surprise that his deep Product Knowledge, combined with his true enjoyment of working with his Toyota Sunnyvale Customers, has created Numerous very happy Customers. When he has a day off, Bill enjoys Family Time, road trips, yard work, and motorcycle trips. 

    Email Bill at

  • Lori Landrum
    Service Department and Assistant Service Manager

    Lori Landrum is our Service Department and Assistant Service Manager at Toyota Sunnyvale, who previously a Service Manager at another dealership. She born and raised in the Bay Area and has 5 grown children and 4 grandchildren. Lori lives by the mantra "Do the right thing even when no one is looking."

  • Marcus Roman
    Assistant Service Manager

    Marcus Roman is an Assistant Service Manager at Toyota Sunnyvale and has been in the automotive industry for over 10 years. Marcus is married with 2 children and enjoys helping people understand their vehicle. He loves cars, camping/outdoors and cooking.

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