Toyota Sunnyvale New & Pre-Owned Showroom Sales Staff

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  • Martin Tamrazi
    Sales Consultant

    Originally from Iran, Martin has now been a Bay area resident for 14 years and is proud to always be working with people.

  • Mike Shum
    General Manager

    Mike, a husband and  father, is a lifelong Bay Area resident. With more than 15 years in the automotive business, Mike brings total attention to detail, a belief in learning something every day, great knowledge of Toyota and all its products, honesty and proven leadership, to his position as Head of Sales for Toyota Sunnyvale.  In his spare time, it is family-first for Mike. Then it's golf.

  • Melissa G. Aguilar
    Sales Associate

    Melissa has been a Bay area resident for over a decade and enjoys meeting people from all over the world as a perk of being with Toyota Sunnyvale.

  • Peyman Mirshafiei
    Sales Associate

    Peyman is a newbie in the Bay Area, but by no means a newbie in sales. he brings with him 30 years of experience in the sales process. But if you ask him to when and where he would go back to if he had a time machine, it'll be back to his childhood in Tehran, Iran.

  • Phillip Loi
    Sales Associate

    Phillip brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from several industries including Finance and Real Estate and speaks four languages, including Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin besides English. Mixing in his easy going, motivation and a listening skills, it's no wonder he enjoys being able to help clients bring together their needs, goals and budget.

  • Alex Tsang
    Sales Associate

    Alex was raised in two coasts of the Pacific, Hong Kong and San Francisco but has been in the Bay area for the last 14 years. If you ask him what one of his dream cars are, he will look to the past and say, an AE86!

  • Diana Kennedy
    General Sales Manager - New Vehicles

    Diana, a Vietnamese-speaking mother of 2 young children, has lived in the Bay Area for more than 10 years. With more than 5 years in auto sales, much of Diana's success can be attributed to her "commitment to doing the Right Thing", and to the Toyota Sunnyvale mantra of always being upfront & honest with each Toyota Sunnyvale Customer. When she has some free time, Diana enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, and cooking.

  • Cisco Savala
    New Car Sales Director

    With over 15 years of auto business experience, Cisco brings industry knowledge and passion to his work everyday. His favorite parts about his job is helping people find the car of their dreams  because he knows how the right car can empower the owner and even help change his or her life. What he finds special about Toyota Sunnyvale is how processes are in place so every customer is taken care of equally and gets our best deals. Cisco has lived in the Bay Area all his life. During his free time, Cisco enjoys spending time with his family; which includes playtime with his kids and dog, swimming with family, and watching WWE (wrestling!) with his  daughter. 

  • David Tran
    Pre-Owned Floor Sales Associate

  • James Tran
    Pre-Owned Floor Sales Associate

  • Raj George
    Pre-Owned Floor Sales Associate

  • Lang Gao
    New Car Floor Sales

    He likes playing video games during his free time, speaks Chinese and has green as his favorite color.

  • Jorge Andrade
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

    What Jorge likes best about working at Toyota Sunnyvale is the fact that he  interacts with customers every day, and gets to be a part of a great franchise that has a history of great success. His secret to success is to be confident and not be afraid to take risks. Jorge has lived in the Bay Area for over 11 years. He is fluent in Spanish and enjoys football during his free time. 

  • Praneet Lakhan
    Direct Sales Manager

    Praneet describes himself as Responsible, Accountable, and Trusting as well as the world's best Son, Brother, and Grand Child. He was born in Lautoka Fiji Islands and now an 8-year Bay area resident.

  • Dhanendra Shah
    New Car Floor sales Associate

  • Ross Ludwig
    GSM Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales

    Ross, a lifelong Californian, has 25 years in the Auto Business. With a never-ending interest in providing Service to Toyota Sunnyvale's customers, Ross has had great success over these many years due, he believes, to his core-value belief that Everyone needs to feel they have acquired the RIGHT vehicle and the experience is a winning one for all.  

  • King Pizarro
    Vehicle Acquisitions Manager

    King, a Tagalog speaking 20 year Bay Area resident, has been with Toyota Sunnyvale for 6+ years. His specialty is Used Vehicles, and King reveals daily his true excitement for the Used Car business, and his belief in treating everyone he encounters with respect and honesty.

  • Cindy Muonio
    New Car Sales Associate

    Cindy, a mother of 2 and grandmother of 3, has lived in the Bay Area off-and-on since 1965. With almost 8 years in the Auto Business, she has deep knowledge of many vehicle models, having spent much time selling pre-owned vehicles. As one who "enjoys meeting new people, helping them find the right car and being available for them" she has become a true Toyota Sunnyvale Customer Satisfier. During free-time, Cindy enjoys yoga, reading, walking, and time with the grandkids.

  • Delon Orquin
    New Car Sales Associate

    Delon, a native Tagalog speaker, is a 26-year resident of the Bay Area. As a total Customer-oriented salesman, Delon has been with Toyota Sunnyvale for 15 years, during which time he has won numerous Toyota Sunnyvale Employee and Sales Awards.  

  • Ahmad Hatamieh
    New Car Sales Associate

    Ahmad, a married father of one child, is a Persian speaker, and a newcomer to the Bay Area.Having worked in the restaurant business prior to the Auto Business, Ahmad understands and focuses on Customer Service with his Toyota Sunnyvale Customers.On a Day-off, it is Family Time for Ahmad.

  • Jordan Mahdian
    Pre-Owned Sales Associate

    Jordan, who speaks French, Turkish, and Farsi, has spent the past 6 years in the Bay Area, five of those in the Auto Business. Ever-positive, Jordan, with a family of 6 children, brings that positive attitude, honesty & openness to his numerous Toyota Sunnyvale customers, every day.

  • Fred Moini
    Pre-Owned Sales Associate

    Fred, a native Farsi speaker, is an 8 year resident of the Bay Area, married, with 4 grown children. A 25-year Oil company marketing exec, Fred's longtime belief in treating everyone with ultimate respect has carried over to his Toyota Sunnyvale customers. With limited free time, Fred chooses to spend it with his family.

  • Jonathan "Jon" Cha
    New Car Sales Associate

    Jonathan "Jon" Cha is a New Car Sales Associate at Toyota and is a Bay Area native. His dream car is the Porsche 911 turbo, and he loves interacting with people and helping them decide on a new car.

  • Pranay Sharma
    New Car Sales Associate

    Pranay Sharma  is a New Car Sales Associate who was born and raised in New Delhi. Pranay likes meeting new people and helping them and has previous experience in marketing.

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