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Toyota Sunnyvale Direct Sales Staff

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  • Mike Shum
    General Manager

    Mike, a husband and  father, is a lifelong Bay Area resident. With more than 15 years in the automotive business, Mike brings total attention to detail, a belief in learning something every day, great knowledge of Toyota and all its products, honesty and proven leadership, to his position as Head of Sales for Toyota Sunnyvale.  In his spare time, it is family-first for Mike. Then it's golf.

  • Diana Kennedy
    Direct Sales Director

    Diana, a Vietnamese-speaking mother of 2 young children, has lived in the Bay Area for more than 10 years. With more than 5 years in auto sales, much of Diana's success can be attributed to her "commitment to doing the Right Thing", and to the Toyota Sunnyvale mantra of always being upfront & honest with each Toyota Sunnyvale Customer. When she has some free time, Diana enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, and cooking.

  • Phillip Mattus
    Direct Sales Manager

    Phillip Mattus is a Direct Sales Manager at Toyota Sunnyvale, who has two daughters, likes watching sports and listening to music.  Phillip enjoys helping people make decisions and has previous experience in auto dealerships. He believes you should never give up.

  • Al Mokhtari
    Direct Sales Manager
    408-481-6634 ext 634

    Al, a Persian-speaking married father of 2 children, has lived in the
    Bay Area for 30+ years. With 12 years in the auto business, he has
    great Toyota product knowledge. This helps him in his quest to help
    his Toyota Sunnyvale customers find just the right vehicle for their
    needs. During his free time, Al enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and jogging.

  • Flora On
    Direct Sales Manager

    Flora On is a part of the New Car Sales team at Toyota Sunnyvale, has been in the Bay Area for over 20 years and speaks fluent Mandarin. She enjoys working on her car and going on long Sunday drives.

  • Logan Marcouillier
    Direct Sales Manager

    Logan Marcouillier is a new member of our New Car Sales team at Toyota Sunnyvale. Logan has lived in the Bay Area for almost 20 years, has a beautiful daughter and enjoys playing hockey.

  • Stan Wolowski
    Direct Sales Manager / Mobility Specialist

    Stan, married with 2 active children, has lived for 12 years in the Bay Area, and spent 15 years in the Auto Business. During his 5-year tenure at Toyota Sunnyvale, Stan has proven himself to have deep product-knowledge, which paired with his up-front positive and honest approach, has endeared him to numerous customers. He proudly stands behind the Toyota Sunnyvale Money-Back Guarantee, with a product that can match almost every need. He's also one off our mobility specialists. During his limited free-time, he enjoys archery, canoeing, and family-time. 
    Email Stan at: stanwolowski@toyotasunnyvale.com

  • Jorge Cabrera
    Direct Sales Manager

    Jorge, an 11 year Bay Area resident who also speaks Spanish, has spent 10 years in the Auto Business. He is a Sales Person who is cognizant of what Vehicle each Toyota Sunnyvale Customer is wanting, and using his Product Knowledge, Jorge always seeks the Positive in making sure they get the Vehicle that is just right for them.On a day-off, he enjoys going to the gym, playing drums, and spending time with his future wife & family.

  • Marius Coroiu
    Direct Sales Manager

    Marius' first introduction to the car business world was through Toyota Sunnyvale. With previous jobs ranging in construction and behavioral therapy, Marius understands the utmost importance of customer service and going above expectations. Focus, motivation, drive, flexibility and the ability to constantly learn from his peers are a few ingredients that attribute to his success. Marius has lived in the Bay Area for less than 3 years now, and is married. He enjoys biking, going to the beach and hanging out with family on his free time. He speaks Romanian and German. 

  • John Ewell
    Direct Sales Manager

    John, the father of a 9-year old son, has lived the past 12 years in the Bay Area. With a background in real estate prior to his joining the Toyota Sunnyvale Sales Team, John continues to enjoy meeting his customers, and is focused on good, long-term relationship building with them. On a day off, it is fly fishing, camping, and go-cart racing for John.

    Email John at: johnewell@toyotasunnyvale.com

  • Nobu Ishihara
    Direct Sales Manager

    Nobu, who speaks Japanese, is a married father of three, and a Bay Area
    resident of 9 years. With his favorite part of the work day being
    the time he gets to spend communicating with his customers, Nobu looks forward to meeting new Toyota Sunnyvale customers each day. As a sales engineer prior to joining the Toyota Sunnyvale Sales Team, he has brought great customer service skills to his customers. During his free time, Nobu enjoys spending time with his family, sports, and reading a good book.

  • Dan Fuller
    Direct Sales Manager

    Dan, a father of 1 daughter, is a 3 year Bay Area resident. And as his
    Toyota Sunnyvale Customers attest, he believes in making sure they
    get just the right vehicle for themselves. As Dan says, his first choice
    is "pleasing" his customers. During his free time, he enjoys playing games, and fixing things.

  • Ash Kiflé
    Direct Sales Manager

    Although he is new to the auto business, Ash already feels accustomed to helping his customers with their buying decisions. He knows that our 10-Point Value Guarantee is what makes Toyota Sunnyvale so special and set apart from most dealerships. With a background in the military with the US Marine Corps, Ash upholds the philosophy of  Honor, Courage, and Commitment in and out of his work life. During his free time, he enjoys relaxing with his family and reading. Ash is fluent in Amharic, a language of Ethiopia.

  • David Garske
    Direct Sales Manager

    David, married and the Father of 2 grown children, has lived with his family in the Bay Area for 11 years. Having spent the past 3 ½ of those years in the Auto Business, preceded by a career in Securities and Real Estate Sales, David's enthusiasm and persistence in "Helping our customers find the best vehicle at the best price," has resulted in Numerous happy Toyota Sunnyvale Customers.Days off find David spending time with Family, Mixing Music on his computer, and enjoying Nascar.

  • Ratha Ke
    Direct Sales Manager

    Ratha, a mother of 4, speaks fluent Cambodian as well as English, and has been a Bay Area resident since 1984. With a background in Customer Service prior to the Auto Business, Ratha believes-in the True Value of the Toyota Sunnyvale 10-Point Value Guarantee for her Customers. On her day-off, Ratha enjoys Family Time.

  • Jeffrey Lin
    Direct Sales Manager

    Jeffrey is a Chinese speaking 5-year resident of the Bay Area. With a background in Sales, and a commitment to "helping my Toyota Sunnyvale Customers find just the right Toyota or Scion for each of them", Jeffrey has helped many Customers to do so. On days-off, Jeffrey likes spending time with his family, and watching a good movie.

  • Jessica Wilson
    Direct Sales Manager

    Jessica is new to the auto industry, and enjoys a little bit of friendly competition with her fellow co-workers. Part of her success is building a friendly atmosphere for the customers so they feel comfortable enough to communicate their needs to her. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Jessica likes to spend time with her children, play basketball, and even play video games. She is married with two children.

  • Ryan McCune
    Direct Sales Manager

    Ryan, a 10 year Bay Area resident, has recently joined the team at Toyota Sunnyvale. Raised in a family of racecar driving auto mechanics, Ryan says that he loves being able to share what he knows about the product with his customers. He also says that the dealership's customers and their reactions when he takes them on test drives is what sets Toyota Sunnyvale apart from other dealerships. During his free time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, taking care of his salt water aquarium, running with his two poodles, and photographing what makes him happy.

  • Socrates Menchavez
    Direct Sales Manager

    Socrates speaks Tagalog and Cebuano dialect, is married with a daughter & a son, and has spent 14 years in the Auto business. With 5 years at Toyota Sunnyvale, Socrates is always focused on being upfront & honest with his customers, and insuring that his customers are able to accomplish what they came for in the shortest amount of time.  

  • Diana Munoz
    Direct Sales Manager

    Diana, born and raised in San Jose, is the mother of a young girl, and a fluent Spanish speaker. With a background in Online Sales prior to joining the Direct Sales/Online Team, she brings True Enjoyment to interacting with her Toyota Sunnyvale Customers, and making sure they get just the right Toyota or Scion. "When I'm free, I enjoy the outdoors, working out, dancing, hanging out with friends, and photography."

  • Brian Nguyen
    Direct Sales Manager

    A 30+ year Bay Area resident with a background in auto service, Brian has enjoyed working with his Toyota Sunnyvale Customers. Brian also speaks Vietnamese and has been a popular addition to the Toyota Sunnyvale Sales Team. During his free time, Brian enjoys exercising.

    Email Brian at: briannguyen@toyotasunnyvale.com

  • Eric Wong
    Direct Sales Manager

    Eric, a longtime Bay Area resident and Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) speaker, is a relative newcomer to the Automotive Business. When asked about what he enjoys most about his job, Eric says that he likes being able to talk to customers. He also says that the nice and clean aspects of Toyota Sunnyvale are what set it apart from other dealerships. He says that the secret to his success is being nice and honest. During his free time, Eric enjoys watching movies.

    Email Eric at: ericwong@toyotasunnyvale.com

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