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Do You Really Know What You’re Buying?

Gary Anderson
Pre-Owned Sales Director

With our economy reeling and gas prices going through the roof, considering a Pre-owned or Certified Vehicle offers you a great value for your next purchase. 

The question You must be asking Yourself is; "Do I really know what I'm buying?

Good question and we appreciate You for asking! You are a smart Customer!

At least twice a week, at Toyota Sunnyvale we begin the day by checking the price of every car in inventory against other Dealer's, within a range of 100 miles, advertised prices.

It is our goal at Toyota Sunnyvale to ensure that our prices on CARS, TRUCKS, VANS, and SUV's are the most aggressive in our market!  

We also take many factors into consideration. Year, Make, and Model are the obvious ones, but what most people neglect to do is to compare vehicles listed with similar mileage and equipment. In addition, it's always nice to know what type of ownership the vehicle had. Were they smokers, or did they have pets, or children? 

Most importantly, what is the overall condition of one used vehicle vs. another? At the end of the day, every used vehicle is one of a kind.

Regrettably, there are still some Dealers out there who make the process more difficult and less transparent than it should be.  At Toyota Sunnyvale, we love it when our customers have shopped and researched online. The more educated the Customer is, the more value they find in Toyota Sunnyvale's Exclusive 10-point Value Guarantee, and Hassle Free Zone.  After one visit, You will notice the difference immediately in Your Purchasing Experience.

We recognize the great value of Your time, and our sales process is designed to eliminate the back and forth negotiation that quite simply becomes a drain on everyone's energy.

We will treat You respectfully, and will work with You to help make Your automotive dreams become a reality. What a novel concept!

As always, we appreciate Your consideration.


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